General terms and conditions

General terms and conditions of the tour guide
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General information:

The tour guide, who is the contractual partner, shall be responsible for carrying out the tour you have requested. The liability of the tour guest shall be restricted to such damages caused intentionally or through grossly negligent breach of contract, either by himself or by his legal representative or vicarious agent. The liability of the tour guide extends only to the fulfilment of the agreed scope of services as well as the agreed period and is limited to the amount of the tour fee. Possible claims are to be registered immediately with the tour guide.

Costs of cancellations and changes:

In the case of normal guided tours, 50% of the agreed fee will be charged from the seventh day up to 24 hours before the agreed date.

Cancellation fee:

In case of later cancellation or non-appearance of the group: 100 % of the agreed fee.

Waiting time of the tour guide:

The tour guide waits 15 minutes after the agreed time for the complete appearance of the group. The tour guide is available for the booked time – including the waiting time – from the agreed time; any waiting time shall be at the expense of the agreed tour time.

Payment of fee:

To be made at the end the guided tour, in cash and directly to the tour guide.
(or other payment method, depending on agreement)

Guided tours in foreign languages:

For foreign-language tours (English) a surcharge of 10 € per tour is levied.

Maximum number of participants:

20 persons; additional guides are required for larger groups. For private and individual guided tours, the number of participants is limited to a maximum of 6 persons.

Should the maximum number of participants be exceeded, the quality of the tour cannot be guaranteed.

Note on churches:

At church events (wedding, baptism, concert, etc.) it may happen at short notice that the church cannot be visited from the inside despite confirmation; however, this does not change the agreed guide fee. In these cases we try to offer an adequate replacement and ask for your understanding; the church is a living place of worship and not a museum.

Entering buildings:

Entering towers, well houses or other buildings as part of a guided tour is at your own risk.

Information on adventure tours:

If torches are used during an adventure tour at the guest’s request, the guest must ensure that the torches are only given to adult participants in the adventure tour. The tour guide cannot be held liable for damage caused by the improper handling of a torch. If torches are carried by children in spite of this advice, parents or guardian shall be liable for damages and not the tour guide. We ask you not to extinguish burning torches at houses nor to simply throw them away, but only to deposit them in the containers provided for this purpose. The guide will point out where to extinguish and discard the torches. Due to interactions between guests and adventure guides, the duration of the tour may vary depending on the size of the group.
We wish you a pleasant and interesting stay.

We wish you a pleasant and interesting stay.